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Publishing Android Apps

After you add an app to App Distribution Portal, you need to publish it to make it visible to the members of its distribution groups. This article describes the process of publishing an Android app through AppManager.


To publish an app, you need to have already added it in the App Distribution Portal and added all necessary information and files to it. If you still have not added an app, go through this article: Adding a New App.


To publish an Android app:

  1. In the Apps screen, click the app version that you want to publish. AppManager shows the App Details page where you can review the app and check its distribution groups.
  2. Click Publish when you are ready to publish the app.
  3. Check Send push notifications if you want to allow AppManager to send push notifications to all registered devices in the groups, assigned to the published app.

    AppManager will send push notifications only to devices that support the app's minimum OS version.

  4. Check Distribute app by email? if you want to send an email with a link to the app to all eligible users.

    In case you want to send out distribution emails later, do not check this option. You can later select the app in the Apps screen and click Resend Email to distribute the app to your users.

  5. Click Publish.

When publishing an Android app, make sure that it was signed using a suitable certificate during build. You must not publish apps signed with a debug certificate. To learn more, go to: Signing Your Applications.

In AppBuilder, you choose the certificate during the Publish step, as described here: Configuring Code Signing for Android Apps.

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