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Private vs. Public App Distribution

By default, AppManager makes your app private. This means that the app is available for download only to the users in the distribution groups specified for the app. If you have already implemented authentication in your app and you do not need the AppManager authentication, you can make your app public.

The following table outlines the differences between the two distribution paths:

  Private Distribution Public Distribution
Requires user registration in AppManager Yes No
Who can access the app? Only assigned users Anyone who has the download link
Distribution options mobile app, web catalog, email distribution direct link, QR code
Requires iOS / Windows Phone provisioning files Yes Yes
Allows tracking user devices and installed apps Yes, when using the AppManager mobile app No

Distributing an App Publicly

To distribute your app without requiring user authentication:

  1. Open the app details page in AppManager.
  2. Set the Private/Public switch under the app details list to Public.
  3. If the app isn't already published, click Publish and complete the publishing process.
  4. Click Get URI and copy the preferred link:
    • Install package URI: a link to an installation page, where the user can review the app before downloading it. By sending this link, you will ensure that the user will not try to install the app on an incompatible device.
    • Download package URI: a direct link to the app package. You can use this link for testing purposes.

A public app will not appear in AppManager mobile app or the web catalog, unless it is assigned groups of users, who can access it. The idea behind the unauthenticated access to apps is to distribute them directly, via links.

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