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Editing an App

In some scenarios, you may need to modify an existing app's info before or even after publishing the app. You can do this through the Edit App screen. This article will show you how to edit an existing app and will explain the differences between editing an unpublished and a published app.


To edit an app, you need to have added it to AppManager first. If you have not done so, go through this article first: Adding a New App.

Before you try to edit your app, have in mind the following rules:

  • If the app has not been published or updated, you can change the values of all fields, including the package type, OS, version, AppID, etc.
  • If the app has already been updated, you can only replace the current package with a package having the same version and AppID. The rest of the metadata may be different and you can freely edit the secondary information (description, screenshots, etc.). If you want to upload a package with a different version, then you need to update the app instead of editing it. If you want to change the AppID, then use the Add App page to add a new app.
  • If the app has already been published, you cannot change the current package, therefore you cannot edit any of the metadata. You can only edit the secondary information.

These rules are in place to make sure that app edits do not lead to bad user experience for those who have already installed the apps, that you want to edit, on their devices.


To edit an app, do the following:

  1. Select the app in the Apps grid and click Edit. AppManager opens the Edit App screen that is pre-populated with the current app info and uploaded files.

  2. Apply your changes to the app. Based on the rules listed in the Prerequisites section, AppManager will allow you to edit only certain fields.

    The meta data fields in the form (name, id, version, OS version, device type) are tied with the uploaded package meta data, so they are disabled and autimatically populated.

  3. If you modify the distribution groups of a published app, you can check Send push notifications under the groups list to let AppManager send push notifications to the AppManager mobile app about the availability of new apps to the users of newly added groups.

  4. If you are using email distribution and add new groups to your app, you can check Distribute by email to send an email with a link to the app to the group users.

  5. Click Save.

If you are not sure about the information that you need to provide in any of the fields, see this article that describes all fields: Adding a New App to AppManager.

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