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Adding a New App

This article explains the specifics of adding a new app to the App Distribution Portal. You will find here a description of each field in the Add New App page.


  1. Under App Distribution, click Add New App to open the form for adding a new app.

  2. Upload an IPA, APK or APPX / XAP package file containing your app. The package file must not exceed 100 MB in size.

    AppManager will try to extract the meta data needed to fill in the Add New App form's required fields.

    If a field value is missing, AppManager will show a validation error and will enable the respective input, so that you can manually add this value. The following list describes the fields that must be populated when adding a new app:

    • App version - The current version of the app. There are a few requirements for the version field value. It must:

      • Consist of at least two numeric strings separated by a dot (e.g. 1.0).
      • Consist of at most four numeric strings separated by dots (e.g.
      • Match the version of the app package that you have uploaded.
    • App name - The name of your app that will be visible in both the App Distribution Portal and AppManager mobile app.

    • App ID - The unique identifier of the app package that you are going to upload. The value in this field must match the bundle identifier (for iOS), package identifier (for Android) or the assembly name (for Windows Phone) that the developer of the app specified when creating the app package.

    • Minimum OS version - The minimum supported operating system (OS) version. By selecting the value in this dropdown, you determine the minimum version of the platform that is supported by the app. Your app will be available for review and download only on devices running the same or higher version of the specified OS.

    • Icon - The app icon image. You can upload any .png, .jpg or .jpeg image that is less than 2MB. It is recommended that the image width to height ratio is 1:1 and resolution is 512x512 px. If the image does not fit this size, the icon will be stretched to fit in some views.
    • Device type target - The device type(s) that can view and install the app.
  1. (Optional) Fill in the app description.
  2. (Optional) Upload screenshots for the target devices. AppManager will show these screenshots to the user when they browse your app in the various distribution channels. A screenshot cannot be larger than 2MB.
  3. Configure app distribution. The grid at the bottom of the page lists all existing distribution groups in your App Distribution Portal. Check Can Install to define which distribution groups can access the new app. If you have not configured distribution groups yet, read this article: Adding a Distribution Group.

    If you do not select any distribution groups, even if you publish your application, no one will be able to see it. However, you can later modify your selection of groups and make the app available to some or all of the groups.

  4. Click Add App.

Upon successful save, AppManager takes you to the Apps page and your new app is visible in the Apps grid. Click its name in the grid to see all available details in a separate page.

Next Steps

Now, that your app is added in AppManager, you can publish the app, edit the app, update the app or delete it.

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