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Updating Apps

This article explains in details the process of receiving, reviewing and installing app updates distributed by AppManager.


Two conditions must be met to receive an app update in the AppManager mobile app:

  • Your AppManager account administrator must publish an app update for you.
  • You must have already installed a previous version of the updated app.

Receiving App Updates

App updates are displayed on the Apps page. When a new app update is available for you, a red badge will appear in the top-right corner of the app icon in Android and iOS, and a text "Update available" will be visible under the app name in Windows Phone. You can tap on an app to navigate to the App Details page where you can review the new update and tap Download to initiate the update process.

AppManager lets the account administrator notify the users when an app is published with a push notification. The notification message indicates which app has a new version available. Tapping the notification starts the AppManager mobile app and navigates to the updated app details. There, you can see the new app version and check the What's new in version section. You can start updating the app by tapping Download.

You can still check for new apps even if you did not receive a push notification. The Apps page checks for new app updates every time the AppManager mobile app starts. You can also use pull-to-refresh on the Apps page to check for new app updates.

Updating Apps

If you try to install an app and you have another version of the same app installed on your device, the app update process starts. Updating an app is similar to installing an app with some small differences. Follow these steps to update an app from the AppManager account depending on the OS that your device runs:

  • Android
    1. A popup appears asking you whether you want the app update to be downloaded. To continue you should tap Download.
    2. A system notification and the App Details page display the download progress.
    3. After the download is successful, the regular Android app installer starts. You can view all the access permissions that are added or removed for the new version of the app. If you agree with them, tap Install.
    4. Once the app update is installed you have the option to open it by tapping Open. If you wish to return to the AppManager mobile app, tap Done.
    5. When you return to the AppManager mobile app, the Download button is replaced by an Open button. Tap on it to start the newly installed version of the app.
  • iOS
    1. A message appears asking you if you wish the app to be installed by the AppManager server. Tap on Install to continue.
    2. A percentage value is shown under the app details that represents the installation progress.
    3. Once the app is installed, the Download button is replaced by an Open button that lets you open the installed app (available in iOS 8+).
  • Windows Phone
    1. A message appears asking if you want to install this company app.
    2. When the install starts, an "Installing" text is shown to mark that.
    3. After the app is installed, the OS notifies you with a success message and then you can tap the play button in the app bar to run the installed app.

If you have a newer version of the app on your device and tap Download on an older app version in the AppManager mobile app, the app will be downgraded.

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