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Signing Up and Installing the AppManager Mobile App

The Progress AppManager mobile app is an iOS/Android/Windows Phone app that serves as a distribution center for AppManager distributed apps. Together with email distribution and the AppManager web catalog, it is one of the three distribution methods AppManager offers. Out of the three, the AppManager Mobile App provides the best user experience and supports the full set of AppManager features like device information gathering and app installation tracking. It is also the recommended way of app distribution.

This article will explain the AppManager user signup process and how you can download and install the AppManager mobile app.


Every user must first be invited by the account administrator by email. This article explains the steps you need to take after you have received an invitation email. If you want to be invited you should contact your AppManager account administrator.

If you want to distribute apps yourself, read the Publishing Your First App article and work through the steps to publish an app to an AppManager account. You can then invite yourself and sign up as a user and assign yourself to a distribution group that has permissions to use that app.

Invitation Email

An account administrator must send an invitation via email to each person who will become an account user. The sender's email address depends on the AppManager account name. It should be in the format The email contains a welcome message and an Accept Invitation button that leads to an online page that lets you sign up to become a user. The page will be active for 24 hours after the account administrator has invited you. If you miss the invitation period, your account administrator should invite you again. Every invitation extends the period for 24 hours more.

User Sign-up Page

The Accept Invitation button takes you to the AppManager user sign-up page where you can complete your registration.

The page contains the following input fields:

  • Email - You cannot edit this field. It matches the email address where you received your AppManager invitation and serves as your username to log into the AppManager mobile app.
  • First Name - Here you can input your first name. You must specify a first name as the account administrator will identify you by it.
  • Last Name - You need to input your last name here. Like the first name field, it is required so that the account administrator can identify you.
  • Password - Specify your desired password here. You need it to log into the AppManager mobile app. The minimum password length is six characters.
  • Confirm Password - Repeat your password in this field to confirm it.
  • Company - (Optional) You can specify the company you are working for if this information will be useful for the account administrator.
  • Phone - (Optional) Specify your phone number in this field.
  • Position - {Optional) Here you can input the position you are occupying at your current workplace.

Once you fill in your data, click Complete Registration.

If you already have an account in AppManager with this email, this step will be skipped and the Accept Invitation button will navigate you directly to the Registration Success page.

Completing the Registration

Upon successful registration you will be taken to the Registration Success page. This page provides links and QR codes to the AppManager Mobile App for the three supported platforms Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Follow these links on your devices to download the AppManager Mobile App.

The AppManager Mobile App for Android will always be available, while the iOS and Windows Phone apps might be greyed out. This is because the account administrator has not yet activated the apps for these platforms. He can do so at a later point and notify you with an email.

Installing the AppManager Mobile App

Installing the AppManager Mobile App is simple and straight forward, but due to platform specifics there are some minor differences in installing it on the different platforms.

  • Android - The AppManager Mobile App for Android is located in the Google Play store. You can install it as a regular app and log in with your newly registered user.
  • Windows Phone - Before installing the AppManager Mobile App for Windows Phone you have to enroll your device by installing an Application Enrollment Token. You can do this by tapping Enroll Now at the top of the app Download page. Devices that are not enrolled will fail the AppManager Mobile App installation.

Next Steps

Now that you have a registration in AppManager and have installed the AppManager mobile app, you can learn more about:

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