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Logging in and Navigating the AppManager Mobile App

In this article you will learn about the Progress AppManager log-in process, the app structure, its various pages and how you can navigate through them. The AppManager Mobile Apps for Android and iOS have an identical design while the Windows Phone app has some differences in the user interface caused by the Modern UI design guidelines. In the sections below you can see screen shots from all three platforms.


Before you can log into the AppManager mobile app, you first need to sign up as an AppManager account user and acquire a username and a password. That starts with the AppManager account administrator sending an email to the email address that you will use when you use the AppManager mobile app on a device. If you do not have a user account visit the Signing Up and Installing AppManager App article.

Log Into AppManager Mobile App

When you first start the AppManager mobile app, you see the Login page. Logging in is a straight-forward process. You need to fill in your username and password and tap Login. In the Windows Phone app you have to tap the tick icon at the bottom of the screen.

Remember, your username always matches the email address where you received your AppManager account invitation.

If you have forgotten your password or you simply wish to change it, you can request a password reset from this page. To do that, tap Forgot Password. This starts the password reset process. You can read more about this process in the Resetting Your Password article.

After your first successful login, the AppManager displays its End User License Agreement (EULA). On iOS, AppManager will also prompt you to install a configuration profile. This step is necessary, because AppManager needs to gather your device's UDID and register it in the account. After you installed the configuration profile, you will be taken to the Apps list.

Navigate the Apps Pages

The AppManager mobile app has three pages that are related to the apps available to you:

  • Apps - After a successful login you are taken to this page. Here you can browse through all the apps available to your user and your device on the current AppManager account. On this page each app is represented by its icon, name and download size. On Android and iOS, a red badge in the top-right corner of each icon indicates that there is a new update available for you to install. On Windows Phone, a text notifying you that a new version of the app is available will be displayed bellow the app name. Tapping on an app takes you to the App Details page and you can start the update process by tapping Download.

    Expanding the App Bar at the bottom of the creen on Windows Phone will allow you to go to your Profile, open the Account in Use page or go to the application's About page. On Android and iOS these are available from the Menu Drawer.

  • App Details - Tap on an app to navigate to the page that describes the app’s details . This page provides further information about the chosen app including app version, app rating, screen shots and a detailed description. Here you can also install an app and rate it. For more information about this page, visit the Installing Apps article.

Use the Menu Drawer and Navigate the Rest of the App

The AppManager mobile app has a few more pages and functionalities that you can access through the menu drawer. You can find the menu drawer button on the left side of the All Apps page header. Tap on it to expand the menu drawer on the left.

This list describes the drawer elements with short descriptions:

  • Profile - You can add your profile picture and name to the top of the menu drawer. You can tap on them to navigate to the Profile page where you can view and edit your profile. For more information, visit the Editing Your Profile article. On Windows Phone, the button to the Profile page is located in the App Bar on the bottom of the Apps page.
  • Account in Use - This section of the menu drawer contains a list of all your AppManager accounts. The account you are currently browsing is highlighted in blue (or with the default theme color on Windows Phone) and you can switch accounts by tapping on another one. You can find more about the specifics of switching to another account in the Switching AppManager Stores article.
  • More - In this section there are two buttons. Tap About to navigate to the About page where you can find information about the AppManager mobile app and links to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages. The Sign Out button signs you out and takes you to the Login page so you can log in with another user. On Windows Phone, the button to the About page is located in the App Bar on the bottom of the Apps page.

Next Steps

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