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Installing Apps

This article will guide you through the process of receiving, reviewing and installing apps distributed by AppManager.


To be able to install an app with the AppManager mobile app, you need to first have an app available for you and your device. This article assumes that you have completed the sign-up process to set up your account and logged into the AppManager mobile app and the AppManager account administrator has added one or more apps to a distribution group that includes you as a member. If you do not see any apps in the Apps page, contact the AppManager account administrator that invited you. If you want to distribute apps yourself, visit this Publishing Your First App article.

Receiving New Apps

AppManager lets each account administrator notify users when an app is published. The notification message includes the name of the new app. Tapping the notification starts the AppManager mobile app and navigates to the App Details page. There, you can review the detailed information about the app. You can start installing the app by tapping Download.

In case multiple apps have been made available to you at once, you will receive a push notification indicating that you have access to new apps. When you tap the notification, you will be taken to the Apps page of the corresponding account account where you can see the newly available apps.

You can still check for new apps even if you did not receive a push notification. The Apps page (Figure 1) checks for new apps every time the AppManager mobile app starts. You can also use pull-to-refresh on the Apps page to check for new apps on Android and iOS or tap the refresh button in the App Bar on Windows Phone.

The Apps page lists all apps available to you and your device. Tap on an app to navigate to its App Details page.

The App Details Page

You can install new apps only from the App Details page.

The page contains the following information:

  • App Header - The header is always present. It is located on top of the page and contains the icon, the name, the newest version, the download size and the average app rating. The Download button is located on the right side of the header. You can tap on it to start the app installation process.
  • Screen Shots - If there are any screen shots uploaded by the AppManager account administrator, they will appear below the App Header. You can swipe left or right to browse all screen shots.
  • Description - If the AppManager account administrator has added a description to the app, it should appear below the Screen Shots section.
  • What's new in version - This section serves as a change log. It should contain information about what has changed in the app compared to the previous app version. It is available only in app updates.
  • Rate This App - You can rate your experience with the app by tapping on this button. A rating control pop-ups. Hold and drag over the control to rate.

Installing Apps

The app installation process differs from platform to platform. You can find the installation process steps for each platform below:

  • Android
    1. A popup appears asking you whether you want to download the app. To continue you should tap Download.
    2. A system notification and the App Details page display the download progress.
    3. After the download is successful, the regular Android app installer starts. You can review all the access permissions the app requests. If you agree with them, tap Install.
    4. Once the app is installed, you have the option to open it by tapping Open. If you wish to return to the AppManager mobile app, tap Done.
    5. When you return to the AppManager mobile app, the Download button is replaced by an Open button. Tap on it to start the newly installed app.
  • iOS
    1. A message appears asking you if you wish the app to be installed by the AppManager server. Tap Install to continue.
    2. A percentage value is shown under the app details that represents the installation progress.
    3. Once the app is installed, the Download button is replaced by an Open button that lets you open the installed app (available in iOS 8+).
  • Windows Phone
    1. A popup appears asking you whether you want to download the app. To continue you should tap Install.
    2. The App Details page displays an "installing" message while the app is being installed.
    3. Once the app is successfully installed the download icon will be replaces by a start app icon.

All installed apps go to your phone's apps list. AppManager does not enforce any limitations on app usage. You can start, uninstall and organize an app distributed by AppManager like any other app installed from the public app stores.

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