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Icenium 1.1 Release Notes

Build number: 2012.3.1218.2

Support for Cordova 2.2

Cordova 2.2 is supported. New apps are created using Cordova 2.2 by default. Existing apps can be upgraded to the new version in App App properties. Icenium Ion works with Cordova 2.2 only, a warning message is displayed when attempting to use older versions. The ChildBrowser plugin has been updated to version 4.0 which is compatible with Cordova 2.2.

Setting Android splash-screen is not supported yet.

Support for iPhone 5 - simulators and splash-screen

iPhone 5 is now supported in the Graphite and Mist device simulators. Specific iPhone 5 splash-screen can be added as well.

Mist is maturing

Version control support has been improved by adding the missing commands for collaboration - clone, push and pull from and to remote Git repository (GitHub, BitBucket, etc.).

Find Dialog has been introduced. Press Ctrl+F to open the dialog . To Find Next: Enter or F3, find previous: Shift+Enter or Shift+F3. Case-sensitive search and search with regex are supported. When Regex search is enabled case-sensitive search is disabled.



Latest jQuery and Kendo Mobile versions

The default app templates have been updated to the latest jQuery and Kendo Mobile version.

iPhone 5 splash screen

Added the option to set a splash screen for iPhone 5 in app properties.

Option to select the OS version in the device simulator

The device simulator now allows you to select the OS version of your device: For iOS devices you can select between versions 4.3, 5.1 and 6.0. For Android phones - 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 For Android tablets - 3.2, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2.

Hardware acceleration for Android

Added hardware acceleration property under Android app properties.

On device notification for LiveSync

After LiveSync is completed the screen flashes and the device vibrates.

Clone sample apps

Clone sample apps from GitHub without the need to copy repository URL from GitHub.


Pin selected apps to quickly access them

Selected apps can be pinned to stay on top of the app list.

App reload in the device simulator

New reload button in the device simulator fully reloads the current app as opposed to just refreshing it.

Open non-binary files as text files

Added the option to open various file types as text in the Code Editor - e.g. .xml .log .bat .py .plist .vbox, etc.

Cut/Copy/Paste/SelectAll in the context menu

Cut/Copy/Paste/SelectAll commands have been added to Code Editor's context menu.

Reorder file tabs via drag and drop

Reorder opened files tabs by dragging and dropping their tabs.

Usability improvements

Generating certificates

The workflow has been improved.

Add new file types

Besides js, css and html file types, other file types can be added to an app.


Status bar and orientation

Status bar and orientation properties added to the device simulator.

Usability improvements

CORS request info

When a CORS request is executed in simulator an information message pops up.

Dialog resizing

Dialog resizing is now supported for screens of different sizes

Version control improvements

Push and pull in remote repositories

Push and pull to/from remote repositories have been introduced.

Conflict resolution

Ability to resolve conflicts when merging changes made by other users.

Version control information in app list

Added information if the app has been cloned from GitHub and if it is public or private.

Clone Git apps from remote repositories

Clone any Git repository

Notable bug fixes

  • The number 9 cannot be entered in the input box. The issue is fixed in a way that makes the console.log stop working on HTC devices with Android version 2.2 and 2.3.
  • Using Cordova device API's which are not yet supported by the simulator interrupts execution.
  • Adding Cordova plugin from Mist results in exception when app is opened in Graphite.
  • [Graphite] Version control conflicts in the app file cannot be resolved. A window for resolution will be displayed.
  • [Graphite] File save operations may not be executed when network condition is changed resulting in data loss.
  • [Graphite] Reordering of deeply nested folder structure might result in corruption of the app.
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