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Distributing AppManager LiveSync Updates

AppManager LiveSync is a Telerik Platform distribution service that lets you quickly deliver updates and bug fixes to an already published app without the need to re-build and re-submit the application package for review in the app stores. You can distribute an update for any AppManager LiveSync-enabled app that is already live in the Telerik Platform App Distribution service, Google Play, or Apple App Store.

NOTE: AppManager LiveSync complies with the Apple App Store Review Guidelines and the APIs and Functionality Requirements of the iOS Developer Program and will not cause your app to be rejected from the Apple App Store. With AppManager LiveSync you can update only content run by the built-in JavaScriptCore framework. Such updates fall under the exception described in Section 3.3.2 of the iOS Developer Program Information.

When you choose to publish an AppManager LiveSync update, AppBuilder uploads your modified files in the cloud without re-building the application package. After you publish the update, your end users will receive an update notification on their devices when they re-launch or resume from background the installed AppManager LiveSync-enabled app. If end users decide to skip the update, the next time they launch the app, the update prompt appears again.

If you have published multiple updates for a single app using AppManager LiveSync, you can manage the updates in Progress AppManager.

AppManager LiveSync is a distribution service that lets you deliver updates straight to an installed app on the devices of your end users. AppBuilder LiveSync is a development service that facilitates rapid testing during development and is not intended to deliver public updates to end users.

AppManager LiveSync Limitations

  • The AppManager LiveSync service is available for selected subscription plans. To see which subscription plans provide AppManager LiveSync, see Telerik Platform Pricing.
  • The AppManager LiveSync service does not re-build your application package and you cannot deliver updates that require a re-build operation.

    Valid AppManager LiveSync Updates Invalid AppManager LiveSync Updates
    Fixing typos in the user interface. Fixing the application label or any other information in the application package which is processed by the mobile platform.
    Modifying the resources in the user interface. Modifying the icons or splash screens for the application package.
    Bug fixes in your JavaScript or TypeScript logic. Adding or modifying NativeScript plugins or Node modules.
      Modifying the app configuration from the Properties dialog or the appbuilder prop set command.
  • You can use AppManager LiveSync to provide updates only for AppManager LiveSync-enabled apps that are already published in the Telerik Platform App Distribution service, Google Play, or Apple App Store.

  • The AppManager LiveSync service requires Internet access in your application package.
  • The AppManager LiveSync service is not available for the NativeScript developer app.

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