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You can use core plugins to access native operating system functionality such as the accelerometer, camera, compass, the file system and others. The core plugins are developed by the Apache Cordova team. The Apache Cordova team provides continuous updates and improvements to the core plugins. You can choose which plugins to enable when you build with the debug and the release configurations. By default, the core plugins are enabled in all build configurations.

You can choose which core plugins to add to your app. The configurable plugin architecture lets you create more lightweight applications with improved performance compared to earlier versions of Apache Cordova. In AppBuilder, you can enable or disable the core plugins from the user interface.

Apache Cordova Core Plugins in AppBuilder

Core Plugin Description Documentation
Device Motion (Accelerometer) Lets you access the device accelerometer and detect the change in device movement along the x, y and z axis. Plugin Readme
Battery Status Lets you track the state of the device battery. Plugin Readme
Camera Lets you take pictures with the device camera and access images from the device image library. Plugin Readme
Media Capture (Capture) Lets you capture audio, video and images. Plugin Readme
Device Orientation (Compass) Lets you access the device compass and detect the change in direction or heading that the device is pointed. Plugin Readme
Network Information (Connection) Lets you get information about the device cellular and WiFi connection. Plugin Readme
Console Lets you perform more advanced console logging.
Make sure to disable this plugin when you build with the release configuration.
Plugin Readme
Contacts Lets you access and modify the contacts database of the device. Plugin Readme
Device Lets you access information about the device such as model, name, device platform, unique identifier and others. Plugin Readme
File (FileSystem) Lets you access and work with the device file system. Plugin Readme
File Transfer Lets you download and upload files to and from the device file system. Plugin Readme
Geolocation Lets you track the location of the device. Plugin Readme
Globalization Lets you access the device regional settings such as locale and time zone and perform operations based on this information. Plugin Readme
InAppBrowser Lets you use a web browser to open links and files. This browser cannot access other Apache Cordova APIs. Plugin Readme
Keyboard Lets you customize the keyboard for iOS. Plugin Readme
Media Lets you record and play audio files. Plugin Readme
Dialogs (Notification) Lets you access the native dialog user interface elements. Plugin Readme
SplashScreen Lets you show and hide the splash screen when the application launches. Plugin Readme
StatusBar Lets you customize the status bar. Plugin Readme
Vibration Lets you vibrate the device. Plugin Readme
Whitelist Lets you implement a whitelist policy for navigating the web view. It lets you work with special links such as tel: on Cordova 4.0.0 and later. Plugin Readme

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