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\NEQATECAnalyticsBegin EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor C++ namespace
 oCAnalyticsMonitorFactoryFactory used for creating AnalyticsMonitor and IAnalyticsMonitorSettings objects
 oCIAnalyticsMonitorThe main interface for the analytics monitor which can be obtained with a call to AnalyticsMonitorFactory::CreateMonitor(const char* productId, const char* version) or AnalyticsMonitorFactory::CreateMonitorWithSettings(IAnalyticsMonitorSettings*). The monitor will not collect data before a call to IAnalyticsMonitor::Start has been performed.
 oCILogAnalyticsMonitorInterface used for outputting log messages internally from a constructed IAnalyticsMonitor instance. The logging interface can be specified on the IAnalyticsMonitorSettings object which passed into the AnalyticsMonitorFactory::CreateMonitorWithSettings(IAnalyticsMonitorSettings) call
 oCIStorageA storage interface for loading and save data for a given product ID. This interface can be implementing an specified on the IAnalyticsMonitorSettings instance in order to better control where the monitor persists data.
 oCStorageDataDescriptorProvides a definition of storage data
 oCIAnalyticsMonitorSettingsClass containing the settings used for constructing the IAnalyticsMonitor instance. Instances are preloaded with default settings which can be adjusted before instance is being passed to the AnalyticsMonitorFactory.CreateMonitorWithSettings(IAnalyticsMonitorSettings) method
 oCAnalyticsMonitorCapabilitiesExposing the current capabilities of the analytics monitor instance that may influence how the data you pass into the IAnalyticsMonitor instance are handled.
 oCAnalyticsMonitorStatusClass encapsulating the current status of an IAnalyticsMonitor instance
 oCLocationCoordinatesClass encapsulating Latitude and Longitude coordinates for the location.
 \CProxyConfigurationContainer for proxy configuration. Apply the proxy configuration on the IAnalyticsMonitorSettings object passed into the AnalyticsMonitorFactory.CreateMonitorWithSettings(IAnalyticsMonitorSettings) call in order to have the monitor use specific proxy settings