Inherits from NSObject
Conforms to EQATECLogAnalyticsMonitor
Declared in EQATECAnalyticsMonitor.h


A default implementation of the logging interface that will use NSLog. The output can therefore be viewed directly in the XCode output console.

Example: This sample shows how to create the default logger and use it in the settings.

 settings = [EQATECAnalyticsMonitorSettings settingsWithProductId:version]: @"YOUR_PRODUCTID_HERE" version:@"1.2.3"];
 [settings setLoggingDelegate:[EQATECTraceLogger traceLogger]];
 [EQATECAnalyticsMonitor monitorWithSettings:settings];

Class Methods


Creates an instance of a logger that will print logging output from the monitor using NSLog.

+ (EQATECTraceLogger *)traceLogger

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