API Docs for: 3.3.43

Class AnalyticsMonitorSettings

Class encapsulating the settings used for creating the monitor, Adjust these settings to customize the behavior of the AnalyticsMonitor that can be created using the createMonitor method.

Note that this class cannot be instantiated directly but is constructed through a call to createSettings.

location <Location>

The location of the tracking, if available. Can be assigned to a specific latitude and longitude. By default a non-specified location is provided.

loggingInterface <Logger>

The logging interface to be used within the constructed AnalyticsMonitor instance. By default the logging interface is not specified. You can assign any object to this property that exposes the same interface as Logger to customize your logging behavior. For instance:

       var myLogger = {
       logMessage : function(msg){ ... },
       logError : function(errorMessage) {...}
       var settings = _eqatec.createSettings('YOUR_PRODUCT_KEY_HERE');
       settings.loggingInterface = myLogger;
productId <String>

The product Id that identifies your application

serverUri <String>

The server uri that specifies a custom server endpoint. The default is the empty string.

testMode <Boolean>

Determines if data sent from this monitor will be marked as "internal" in the dashboard. By default this is false.

useCookies <Boolean>

Determines if the monitor can interact with the cookies of the user agent for storing meta data between application start. Note that cookies are stored as third party cookies. By default this is true.

useHttps <Boolean>

Determines if the monitor should use HTTPS protocol for communicating with the server. By default this setting is undefined. The meaning is:

undefined: use the protocol of the current page, as defined by windows.location.protocol true: use https false: use http

userAgent <Boolean>

Use this as the User-Agent string when communicating with the server. Default is undefined, which instructs the monitor to use the default user-agent string.

version <String>

The version of your application, if available, in the format major.minor.build.revision. The default version is

xmlHttpRequest <XMLHttpRequest>

Use this XMLHttpRequest object for requests to the Analytics service. Default is undefined, which instructs the monitor to use the browser's default XMLHttpRequest API, if available.