API Docs for: 3.3.43

Class AnalyticsMonitorFactory

The AnalyticsMonitor factory. Use this factory to construct your specific AnalyticsMonitor instance to interact with from your application.

Note that this class cannot be constructed but is accessed via the _eqatec global variable.

AnalyticsMonitor createMonitor( settings )

Creates an AnalyticsMonitor instance that can be used within your application.

Returns: <AnalyticsMonitor>
AnalyticsMonitorSettings createSettings( productId )

Creates a settings object for constructing an AnalyticsMonitor instance. You can modify this settings object and pass it in to the createMonitor call to create the specific AnalyticsMonitor instance to use in your application.

  • productId <String>

    the productId that identifies your application

TraceLogger createTraceLogger( )

Creates a default logger to be used in an AnalyticsMonitor instance. This default logger will log messages and errors to the console, if possible. Note that you can create your own logging implementation by providing a literal with functions logError and logMessage that takes a single message as argument (similar to the Logger interface).

Returns: <TraceLogger>