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Represents a simple facade for interacting with the Analytics Monitor. Use this facade interface instead of interacting more directly with the AnalyticsMonitorFactory and IAnalyticsMonitor interfaces for a slightly higher level interaction model.
Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor AnalyticsMonitorFacade

Namespace: EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor
Assembly: EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor (in EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor.dll) Version: (3.2.144)

[ObsoleteAttribute("This static class is no longer support and will be removed in future versions. Please use the IAnalyticsMonitor directly by creating instances with the AnalyticsMonitorFactory methods")]
public static class AnalyticsMonitorFacade

The facade will instantiate a single IAnalyticsMonitor instance on the Create call and the remaining methods on this class mirror the methods found on the IAnalyticsMonitor interface. The facade can be used by consumers as a simple way of calling the API without worrying about passing the IAnalyticsMonitor instance around and about the timing issues of when the methods can be called. The facade will encapsulate the created instance, raise an exception for multiple calls to the Create(String) methods and will forward the methods on to the instance when it is available. If the facade represent too high level control or you would like to control the IAnalyticsMonitor instance yourself you should look at using the AnalyticsMonitorFactory methods. Repeated calls to the Create methods will raise exceptions as the intended use of the facade is for simple integration scenarios

This sample shows how to use AnalyticsMonitorFacade.
class MyClass 
  static void Main()
    //Creating Analytics Monitor

    //Start Analytics monitor

    /*Your program here....*/ 

    //Stop Analytics monitor
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