AnalyticsMonitorSettings DailyNetworkUtilizationInKB Property .NET Progress Telerik Platform Analytics Monitor Documentation, API Reference, Online Help | WPF, Silverlight, WinForms, Windows Phone Application Analytics
Explicitly set a limit on the daily network utilization of the monitor. The utilization is accumulated based on the size of the payload for both upstream and downstream data and is enforce on a daily basis.

Namespace: EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor
Assembly: EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor (in EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor.dll) Version: (3.2.144)

public int DailyNetworkUtilizationInKB { get; set; }


IAnalyticsMonitorSettings DailyNetworkUtilizationInKB

The monitor will not honor a limit lower than 10 kb since the monitor must be able to contact the server with at least a mimimum of payload. If you do not want the monitor to contact the server you should not call Start  on the monitor instance.
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