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The AnalyticsMonitorFacade type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCreate(String)
Initializes the facade by creating a monitor with the given product id and the standard settings
Public methodStatic memberCreate(IAnalyticsMonitorSettings)
Initializes the facade by creating a monitor with the specified settings
Public methodStatic memberForceSync
Force a sync for manual synchronization. Mirrors the ForceSync  call.
Public methodStatic memberSetInstallationInfo(String)
Sets the installation id for the current monitor. Mirrors the SetInstallationInfo(String) call
Public methodStatic memberSetInstallationInfo(String, IDictionary String, String )
Public methodStatic memberStart
Public methodStatic memberStop 
Public methodStatic memberStop(TimeSpan)
Stop the monitor. Mirrors the Stop(TimeSpan) method
Public methodStatic memberTrackException(Exception)
Track an exception. Mirrors the TrackException(Exception) method
Public methodStatic memberTrackException(Exception, String)
Track an exception along with a context message. Mirrors the TrackException(Exception, String) method
Public methodStatic memberTrackException(Exception, String,  Object )
Public methodStatic memberTrackException(String, String, String, String)
Public methodStatic memberTrackFeature
Register a feature usage. Mirrors the TrackFeature(String) method
Public methodStatic memberTrackFeatureCancel
Cancels an ongoing feature timing tracking. Mirrors the TrackFeatureCancel(String) method
Public methodStatic memberTrackFeatures
Public methodStatic memberTrackFeatureStart
Register the start of a feature usage. Mirrors the TrackFeatureStart(String) method
Public methodStatic memberTrackFeatureStop
Register the end of a feature usage stared by TrackFeatureStart(String).Mirrors the TrackFeatureStop(String) method
Public methodStatic memberTrackFeatureValue
Tracks a value on a named feature. Mirrors the TrackFeatureValue(String, Int64) method
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