IAnalyticsMonitor ForceSync Method .NET Progress Telerik Platform Analytics Monitor Documentation, API Reference, Online Help | WPF, Silverlight, WinForms, Windows Phone Application Analytics
Explicitly force a synchonization of the current information with the analytics server.

Namespace: EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor
Assembly: EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor (in EQATEC.Analytics.Monitor.dll) Version: (3.2.144)

void ForceSync()

This call is not expected to be used in a standard setup but may be helpful in occasionally connected scenarios. You can use this method in conjunction with setting SynchronizeAutomatically to false in order to take control of when data is attempted to be delivered to the servers. By default the monitor will control the data delivery internally but if you need to decide e.g. when networks can be utilized you can use this method to schedule an asynchronous data delivery
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