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The IAnalyticsMonitorStatus type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCapabilities
Get the capabilities of the current analytics monitor. The AnalyticsMonitorCapabilities instance will allow callers to adjust certain call parameters to not violate the limitations of the current monitor.
Public propertyConnectivity
Get the current connectivity status for the monitor. This value will reflect the current internal status of the connectivity of the monitor to the server.

Note that this status is not a snapshot of general connectivity to the server but merely reflects the state of the last data delivery attempt to the server. Also note that if the monitor is configured to not synchronize automatically (using the SynchronizeAutomatically property) this status is not updated until the monitor has been explicitly forced to synchronize data (using the ForceSync  method)
Public propertyCookieId
Get the current value of the cookie identifier for the monitor.

Note that this value may be null if the monitor is not started or if no cookie id has been assigned to this device yet.
Public propertyIsStarted
Get whether the monitor is currently started
Public propertyRunTime
Get the total runtime for the monitor. Will return OnlineZero if monitor is not started.
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