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The IAnalyticsMonitorCapabilities type exposes the following members.

Public propertyMaxAllowedBandwidthUsagePerDayInKB
Get the maximum allowed bandwidth utilization for the monitor per day measured in kilobytes. This setting can be altered before constructing the monitor instance by using the DailyNetworkUtilizationInKB property
Public propertyMaxInstallationIDSize
Public propertyMaxKeySizeOfInstallationPropertyKey
Public propertyMaxLengthOfExceptionContextMessage
Get the maximum allowed size of the context message associated with an exception in a call to TrackException(Exception, String). Longer context messages will be truncated
Public propertyMaxLengthOfFeatureName
Get the maximum allowed length of a feature name as used in TrackFeature(String), TrackFeatureStart(String), TrackFeatureStop(String) or TrackFeatureCancel(String)
Public propertyMaxNumberOfInstallationProperties
Public propertyMaxStorageSizeInKB
Get the maximum size of the data written to storage from the monitor. This size altered before constructing the monitor instance by using the MaxStorageSizeInKB property
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