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The AnalyticsMonitorSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDailyNetworkUtilizationInKB
Explicitly set a limit on the daily network utilization of the monitor. The utilization is accumulated based on the size of the payload for both upstream and downstream data and is enforce on a daily basis.
Public propertyLocation
The location of the monitor as GPS coordinates. Use this property if you have access to GPS coordinates for the location of the application. If provided, these coordinates will be delivered to the servers as part of the data payload.
Public propertyLoggingInterface
The logging interface used for exposing internal messages
Public propertyMaxStorageSizeInKB
Explicitly set a size limit on the data save to persistent storage by the monitor. The size is calculated each time the monitor persists to storage and if the size limit is exceeded it will attempt to persist less data.
Public propertyProductId
Get the product id that will be used for creation of the IAnalyticsMonitor instance
Public propertyProxyConfig
Use this property to explicitly specify the proxy settings for connecting to the server. By default there is no proxy configuration and it is picked up from the underlying operating system.
Public propertyServerUri
Override the default uri for the server. For most standard purposes there is no need to provide your own uri for the server as the monitor provides a default uri which will contact the server correctly
Public propertyStorageInterface
The storage interface used internally in the analytics monitor for saving and loading state.
Public propertyStorageSaveInterval
The interval with which we autosave the internal statistics. The default is one minute. If set to TimeSpan.Zero, no AutoSave is performed
Public propertySynchronizeAutomatically
Use this flag to specify is the monitor automatically should synchronize data to the server or it should only synchronize manually on explicit calls to ForceSync . The default value is as the he monitor will automatically synchronize data to the server without the clients have to call ForceSync .
Public propertyTestMode
Use this flag to enable the test mode for this installation. This might for example allow you to test version announcements before relasing it to customers.
Public propertyUseSSL
Uses https traffic against the servers unless the ServerUri has been explicitly specified to non-https. By default this property is  
Public propertyVersion
Specifies the version of the software, that should be used for version checking. The default value is implicitly retreived of the current application by accessing the calling assembly.
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