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Welcome to the Analytics Monitor API documentation

What is Progress Telerik Platform Analytics?

Analytics is a service that makes it easy for you to get actual data about the usage of your application. By integrating a library into your application you will be able to obtain information about how your applications are actually being used in the real world. No more guesswork, no more gut feelings, no more arguing over how the users are using the features. Analytics aims at making it easy for you to obtain this information so you can focus on the statistical data collected and make informed decisions.

How does it work?

Analytics consists of two parts. A runtime library (referred to as a monitor) for integration into your application and the Analytics servers. The monitor library is responsible for taking the tracking information from your application and delivering them to the Analytics servers. The Analytics servers are responsible for processing the data from all the applications being monitored and presenting you with a summarized and easily discoverable overview of just how the users are inteacting with you applications.

The Analytics monitor library aims to make the integration into new and existing applications as easy and as seemless as possible. We pride ourself in keeping the API slim and focussed so we introduce as little friction and noise into the codebase as possible. We also attempt to get out of the way at runtime as we perform all tasks such as delivering data to the servers and persisting data locally on separate background threads. This way your calls on the API will be non-blocking and return almost immediately, leaving the monitor library to worry abour delivering data.

For more information about Analytics in general and the full featureset of the entire service, please refer to OnlineAnalytics

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