The AnalyticsMonitorSettingsCOM type exposes the following members.


Public methodSetDailyNetworkUtilizationInKB
Sets the maximum limit for daily network utilization
Public methodSetLoggingInterface
Use this method to specify a logger
Public methodSetMaxStorageSizeInKB
Sets the maximum storage size in kB
Public methodSetProductId
Set the product id
Public methodSetServerUri
Sets the server uri to contact a non-default server
Public methodSetStorageSaveInterval
Sets the storage interface used internally in the analytics monitor for saving and loading state.
Public methodSetSynchronizeAutomatically
Set if the monitor should synchronize automatically. The default is true
Public methodSetTestMode
Sets the monitor in test mode
Public methodSetUseSSL
Set if the https protocol should be used
Public methodSetVersion
Sets the current version in the format Major.Minor.Build.Revision

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