Welcome to the TAnalyticsMonitor API for COM documentation

What is PProgress Telerik Platform Analytics

TAnalyticsis a service that makes it easy for you to get actual data about the usage of your application. By integrating a library into your application you will be able to obtain information about how your applications are actually being used in the real world. No more guesswork, no more gut feelings, no more arguing over how the users are using the features. Analytics aims at making it easy for you to obtain this information so you can focus on the statistical data collected and make informed decisions.

For more details on how the Analytics service works, please refer to Analytics

The Analytics Monitor COM API

This documentation is specifically related to the API exposed to COM using the COM interop functionality available in the .NET runtime. In order to use this COM component on your system you need the following:

  • The .NET runtime installed on the system

  • Register the COM component using the regasm.exe command

The API exposed to COM is a subset of the API exposed in other programming environments such as .NET and Java. If you are missing important functionality in the COM API that are present on other programming platforms, feel free to contact us.

Registering the Analytics Monitor COM component

In order to register the COM component in the registry you need to run the following command:

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%WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\regasm.exe EQATEC.Analytics.MonitorCOMFacade.dll /codebase /verbose
You can also add the /tlb option to generate a tlb file for consumption. If you are interested in what modifications are made to the registry you can specify the /regfile:log.txt command to have the modifications output to a textfile instead.