The AnalyticsMonitor namespace contains all classes and interfaces needed to construct and work with the Analytics Monitor COM interface


Public classAnalyticsMonitorSettingsCOM
Exposes the analytics settings to COM
Public classAnalyticsMonitorStatusCOM
Class exposing the current monitor status to COM
Public classInstallationProperties
Encapsulates a string-string dictionary exposed to the COM interface for settings the installation properties
Public classProxyConfigurationCOM
Proxy configuration container


Public interfaceIAnalyticsMonitorSettingsCOM
Interface for the settings object for the analytics monitor
Public interfaceIAnalyticsMonitorStatusCOM
Interface for the status of the Analytics Monitor
Public interfaceIInstallationProperties
Interface for the installation properties object
Public interfaceILogAnalyticsMonitorCOM
Callback eventlistener interface for the analytics monitor
Public interfaceIProxyConfigurationCOM
Proxy configuration container