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Add Analytics to Your Application

This guide will describe how to integrate Analytics into your own application. It should take no more than 10 minutes for a developer to complete the steps and get analytics data from your own application.

So, let's get started.

Enabling analytics in a Hybrid or Native application

Analytics is well integrated with the Telerik Platform's Hybrid and Native application. For information on how to integrate analytics in your AppBuilder app review this article.

Watch your first data arrive

The next step is to run your application and watch data come in. You should do that before you start adding further tracking into your application. Data will appear about 5 minutes after your application starts reporting.

If data does not appear then please read this article on Your First Data.

With this simple integration you already have some statistics on the daily utilization, the various versions running, the environments the application is running in and other data that is accessible right out of the box.

Track data

When you are confident that Analytics has been successfully intergated into your application and you have seen your first data arrive, it is time to start delving into the many possibilities of Analytics tracking.

We have prepared a series of recommendations for all things related to this phase, with lots of suggestions on how various Analytics features can assist you in getting useful insights. For instance, suggestions for how to use Analytics to enhance your Application Usability or spot errors with Exception Handling.


You have now integrated Analytics successfully into your application and have started discovering the functionality.

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