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Table Widget

Table widgets display data in the form of a grid. The maximum number of records in a table is five.

Table widgets can be used with the following metrics: Exceptions - Affected users, Exceptions - Affected versions, Exception Count - Versions and Exception Count - Operating System.

As we said table widgets present data using a grid, showing a maximum of five records. The grid consists of two columns.


On the image below you can see an example of a Table widget. It shows operating systems sorted in descending order by the number of the exceptions that occurred in the corresponding OS. In the first column is displayed the name of the OS and in the second column the number of exceptions raised. The columns will display different data depending on the metric you select.


NOTE: All table widgets show data for the entire lifetime of the application. This means that when you change the date range filter up-top this won't affect the data displayed in those widgets.

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