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Geo Location Widget

Geo location widgets display geological data in the form of either a map or a list.

Geo location widgets can only be used with Geo Data metric. Geo location widgets' main purpose is to show distribution of the sessions or users, depending on what you have selected from the filters, in the world by countries, states and cities. There are two display modes currently available in geo location widgets

World Map

World map dipslay mode of the geo location widget shows an interactive map of the entire world (first image below). The more sessions/users recorded in a country, the more darker blue the color of the country. In the bottom right corner of the widget a legend is presented. It shows a mapping between a color of a country and a number of sessions/users. In the world map display mode you have the possibility to zoom in and out and select different countries.

Once a country is selected the view-port starts to show only that country (second image below). Again you have a legend showing a similar to the aforementioned mapping with the only difference that it has green color instead of blue. This "inner" map allows you to drill down further in the map and see where (in which cities) are the sessions/users located.

AnalyticsWorldMapWidgetScreenshot AnalyticsWorldMapWidgetScreenshot

Country list

Country list display mode shows data in the form of a grid. The grid has three columns - the first one shows the name of the country or city, the second one the number of sessions/users, and the last one shows what percent those sesions/users comprise of the total. If the country list is displaying countries you have the possibility to drill down (as in the world map) into the different countries. Once you do that the list will switch to cities list and you will be presented with data that shows how the values are distributed between the cities in the country selected.


NOTE: Usually those two widgets are used in conjunction. If you place two geo location widgets side by side, one with world map display mode and one with country list display mode, you will notice that if you drill down to let's say United States in one widget, the other will follow. Those two widgets are related, and used together serve as a powerful tool that helps you see both numbers and visual distribution of the sessions/users of your application.

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