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This page allows you to configure various overall aspects of your application and retrieve the Project Key used for integration into your software.

You can access your Project Key that you'll need for when integrating the analytics monitor into your software. Furthermore, the page allows you to configure aspects of the application that affects how data is processed by the Analytics servers:

  • Configuring the use of nested exceptions when parsing exception data. Enabling the nested exceptions will cause the processing of incoming exception data to include all available nested exception when grouping similar exceptions. Enabling this is usually a trade-off between receiving more detailed stacktraces for your exceptions data but also having more exception items being generated (since exceptions that were similar without considering the nested exceptions will then generated two exception items instead of one)
  • Configuring whether the incoming IP address should be stored for the tracking data. The IP address will always be used to perform a geo location lookup to determine the estimated location of the incoming data regardless of this setting but you can optionally choose to store the IP address for later querying. <!-- Notice that storing IP addresses may be subject to privacy concerns dependent upon your software.-->



As a user, you can configure the system to send you emails for various changes in the specific application such as new exception items encountered or periodic status emails.

Following options allow you to configure how the system should contact you about changes in your application:


Status Email

You can choose to receive a periodic status email on the application, detailing some key metrics on the utilization of the application. You can choose the period for which you want to receive the status email or you can choose to not receive any status emails.

New Exceptions

When new exceptions are processed in the system, you can choose to receive emails notifying you of these exceptions and allowing you to react promptly as soon as some exception has been found. By enabling this option you will receive an email when a previous unseen exception is encountered by the system.

Note that a there may be a daily limit on the number of such emails being sent. Also note that this email is only sent when a previous unseen exception is encountered. If the same exception is seen multiple times, it will not cause an email to be sent. For more on how exceptions are processed and similarity is determined, see the section on understanding exceptions

API Keys

API Keys are required by the public API to secure the communication between the server and the client. The sole purpose of the public API is to provide a way to extract raw data out of the Analytics system for further processing. The consumer of the public API may be a human or a service and can use any of the exposed APIs.

API Keys are generated through the Analytics web application (under the Options page). The user can add several keys to be used by different services. When the key is not needed anymore it can simply be deleted and all services using that key will no longer be able to connect.

We advice customers to keep those keys in secret and manage them carefully. However if a particular key is compromised it can be simply deleted. Also a completely new key can be generated to replace it.

More information about how API Keys should be used to connect to our system can be found in Client API article. AnalyticsClientSettingsApiKeys

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