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There are several states where the widgets are unable to show any data

No data


No data was received with the currently selected filters. This could be caused by the selected period or any of the other set filters. Try to change the filters and see if any data should turn up.



For some reason the data took longer than expected to retrieve. This could be caused by complicated filters. Try to reduce the number of applied filters. If the filters are essential to you try to convert it to a advanced query by pressing the button shown in the widget.

No intervals


Certain datatypes are shown using user defined intervals. No data can be visualized before these intervals has been configured. Press the button in the widget to configure the intervals.

Updating intervals


When new intervals has been defined our server will spend some time crunching data. The widget will look like this until it's done.



We have tried our best to provide you with an error free service, but things can still go wrong. If you see this, the request to the server has failed. The error will at this point have been reported to us and we will look into what happened. If the problem persists, please contact support.

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