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Explains the general concepts in the Analytics client, how to navigate through the data reports, how to access access data and configuring filtering.

The Analytics client consists of a few main items:

  • The Navigation panel on the left hand side, which allows you to navigate around through the client. This panel is highlighted in green in the example screenshot below. You can read about the different reports here.
  • The Filter bar at the top of the page, which allows you to setup quick filtering for diving into your recorded data. This bar is highlighted in orange in the example screenshot below. You can read about the filtering options here.
  • The Main content which is highlighted in blue in the example screenshot below. This is the area that will reflect the currently selected report and will be you main interaction point.


Main concepts

A few main concepts are worth listing to assist in better working with the Analytics client and the analytics data in general

  • Understanding how time is registered and represented in the Analytics client when investigating your data
  • Understanding how exceptions are registered in the system, how they are categorized and compared for similarity.
  • Understanding for the exception lifecycle, namely how exceptions are intended to be found, verified and resolved and how you can use the client to control the reported exceptions
  • Getting a quick understanding of the various visual states of the data widget to understand why data might not be appearing
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