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Managing Report Filters

The Analytics client allows you to load and save commonly used filters to allow you to easily switch between the view on your data that make sense to you.

The Filter toolbar at the top of the page allows you to access your personal Filter Settings by clicking the button:


This menu allows you to perform a number of tasks related to the filters.

Managing Filters

You can at any time save the currently selected filter under a descriptive name to be retrieved at a later point. This is useful for saving a specific filter that is useful for longer than the current task you are just performing, so a good example could be to save a filter that isolates a specific version of your software or a filter that targets a specific set of countries of interest.

Once saved, the filter is available to be selected again by clicking the Load a saved filter menu item. This brings up a dialog that lets you select from the list of saved filters:


Selecting a save filter will restore all filters to the saved state.

You can also easily remove a filter that is no longer used by selecting the Delete a saved filter menu items and select the filter to delete

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