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The API allows you to track the named features that are relevant to your specific application. Once tracked, the Feature Use report will automatically group and display related tracking data for quick compare and contrast visualizations

Feature tracking allows you to instrument your application with tracking of named features anywhere in your code base. The feature tracking from all the applications are aggregated and presented automatically grouped in categories based on the naming of your features. The complete list of feature categories is presented in the Feature Use report and you can expand the individual categories to gain insights. See the example screenshot below for an application with a number of feature categories.


Note that in the screenshot above, a single category has been expanded to show the data for the individual features belonging to the category (named AssemblyType) while a number of other categories are not expanded.

What is a Feature in my Application

To better understand what feature tracking provides for you, let's use the example from the screenshot above. The data is reported from a desktop application that provides profiling functionality to .NET components. The application has been instrumented so when ever the user profiles an application using this tool, a tracking is registered in the AssemblyType category with the name of the assembly type (a standard executable, a library, a silverlight application etc.). All the differently named trackings registered in the AssemblyType category are then aggregated and visualized in the chart above, making it easy to understand what types of profiling the desktop application is performing. By tracking the related items in the same category, the service automatically provides a nice visualization for a quick overview.

Changing names

The name AssemblyType is taken from the data as it is reported by the instrumentation. This name may or may not be enough for the people in your organization to understand what is being tracked and why. If not, you can change this by clicking on the Settings item in the right hand menu in the data visualization. This will bring up a dialog that allows you to change texts associated with this category.


If you accept the changed text, you can create a more descriptive name and description for the individual category that better fits the people consuming this aggregated data. See the example screenshot belong:


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