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You can extract data from the data visualization in the analytics client in a CSV format and work on this data in your own tool of choice.

The analytics client offer a few different ways of looking at your data, the ability to group data by week or month and to show or hide specific data series. However you might wish to work on the data in a way that is not immediately supported by the analytics client. For such occasions the analytics client offers the ability to export data from a specific data visualization to a CSV format.


Clicking this menu item will offer to download the contents of the data visualization to your computer where you can continue to work with the data from the CSV format.

Note that the data is exported as it is displayed, so if you have selected to aggregate the data by week (as seen in the screenshot below) that is the data resolution that you'll be exporting. If you want to aggregate the data into other groupings we recommend that you change the data aggregation in to Day.


The exported file will be named based on the data visualization item and the currently selected date range and the contents will be listing the individual dates and the values associated with each of these dates for all of the data series present in the data visualization.

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