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Data Display Modes

This article will highlight a few of the ways you can tweak the data visualizations to gain a better insight into you data.

As you work with your data and focus on a specific data visualization, you may need more information pulled in to better understand the trends of your data and how it relates to other parts of your software. The data visualizations in the analytics client offer you a few options for pulling in this additional data, available from the Menu on the right hand side:


This article will walk you through these options.


Overlays allows you to overlay the existing chart with additional information:


Showing annotations will allow any configured timeline annotations to be shown on top of the chart. Read more about how to use annotations here.

Showing the total number of sessions in the chart will allow you to reason about the overlay impact and relative size of data. For an example of this, take a look at the follow data visualization by it self:


and then with the total sessions overlay turned on:


Using this overlay it becomes easier to reason about the correlation between the fluctuations of the individual data visualization as compared to the fluctuation in the total number of sessions as well as making it apparent how significant an individual feature compares to the total number of sessions,

Data representations

Data representations allows you to toggle between two ways of viewing your data:

  • A Normal view where data series are plotted as lines.
  • A Percentage view that will stack the data series and show their individual percentage of the total.

Whereas the normal view makes it easier to compare individual data series against each other the percentage view makes it easier to understand how an individual data series compares against all others. See the example screenshot below:


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