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This article will show you how the Analytics service allows you to rename and hide the data that you have tracked in order to achieve a more consistent and easier to understand view of the data tracked by your application.

Once you start working with the Analytics service and start tracking data from within your application you may find yourself in need of some data cleanup. Below are a some of the ways you can clean up your data.

Renaming features

In the analytics client you can change the name to display for a given feature in both the Feature Use, Feature Timing and the Feature Value reports. This is done by selecting the Settings menu item of the specific feature and then entering the appropriate Title and Description.


This may be relevant since the names by default are the names assigned as part of your integration of the analytics monitor into your software so the default names may be slightly technical or a full description will make sense of the data for the rest of the organization.

Hiding features

You may also have tracked some data that you no longer care about, either as part of an initial testing of the analytics service, incorrectly tracked data or some features that should no longer be tracked in your software. This can be performed from the Settings menu as well, by checking off the Hide this feature. By checking of this item, the feature is no longer shown by default in the list on the features but can still be accessed when needed by clicking on the Show hidden features link at the bottom of the page.

Deleting data

The analytics client does not offer a way to delete already recorded data. You can remove or hide feature data as described above but there is no support for completely removing the recorded data. In order to avoid having polluted data we currently recommend that you make use of one of these techniques to ensure a clean data set:

  • If all existing data can all be removed, one option is to create a new application for all new data. Note that for new data to be reported on the newly created application you will have to ensure that all your software is updated with the new Project Key, otherwise data will continue to be reported on the old application. Note that this is usually only an option if you have not yet released software with the analytics monitor integrated to end users yet meaning that you still have control of the software versions with analytics integrated.
  • We also highly recommend that you as soon as possible start thinking about separating public and internal data. By separating data from within your organization from data from your end users you can ensure that internal use (or misuse) of the analytics monitor does not polute the data from your end users, which is the most valuable data. You can read more about this here
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