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The Analytics client provides your access to the data collected in your application. In the client you can view trends for the data, configure visualizations and setup advanced queries, all within your web browser. This document describes the overall layout and concept of the client.

A sample screenshot from the Analytics client is shown below Analytics Client Overview

When you load the client you will always load it in the context of a specific application. On the left hand side you'll be able to navigate to a number of reports on the data of the application as well as configuring settings. At the top, you are able to change the data filtering and interact with just the data you are interested in. The main content area of the client will change as you navigate through the client and the contained data will be updated as you change your filtering.

Basic Concepts

You'll see data represented in many forms in the client, from grids and lists to maps and various charts. The data visualizations shows specific data on your application for the selected date range that you have selected, though some reports summarize all of your data. You can change the selected date range by using the date range filter at the top of the page. For more on the filtering options available in the client, see the section on using Filtering.

A common way to further interact with the individual data visualization is to access the menu which is located in the top right hand corner, as shown in the example screenshot below: Standard data visualization

The content of this menu varies but allows you to e.g. export data, view totals in a grid and change the specific chart visualization. For more on the various menu items, see the contents of the section on Working With Data.

See Also

You can read about the individual reports available in the client in this section:

  • The users dashboard to get a quick overview
  • The data studies to access your scratchpad data and view results of advanced queries
  • The custom dashboards to define your own visualizations
  • The environment to see the configuration of your customers environments
  • The cohorts to see the user engagement cohorts
  • The feature use to see which features are being used
  • The feature timing to see timing aspects of your application
  • The feature value to see data on your tracked values
  • The exceptions to access the tracked exceptions
  • The live to see incoming data for debugging purposes
  • The sessions to access specific data
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