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Custom Dashboards

With custom dashboards you can create you own view of your application displaying only the items you are interested in. You can create up to 15 different dashboards so feel free to experiment with different views and styles.

Create Dashboards

Your dashboards are available in the top of the left hand side navigation menu. If you have not created any dashboards before you can do that by clicking Manage Dashboards menu item.

See an example of a dashboard below:


Adding, editing and deleting widgets

You can add new widgets to the dashboard by clicking the Add Widget button. See more here adding widgets. When you wan't to edit or delete a widget just click the three dots button and the widget menu will appear:


Widget menu content is dynamic and depends on dashboard type, widget type and user rights. You can change widget visualization, export widget data, run and manage studies, change widget title, delete widget etc.

For more information on the widget properties go here: adding widgets.

Rearranging widgets

You can arrange the widgets on your dashboard any way you like. To rearrange your widgets move your mouse over a widget header. To move a widget to a new position grab it with your mouse, move it and drop it where you prefer:


If you want to change the size of the widget then grab the bottom right corner and drag. Widgets support different sizes depending on the type. So if you cannot drag any longer it is because the widget cannot get smaller or larger.


Sharing a Dashboard

You can share the dashboard and make it visible to other users. This is achieved by generating a shareable link that opens the dashboard in read only mode.

For more information take a look at the sharing dashboards article.

Managing your dashboards

To add and delete dashboards you have to go to the manage dashboard page. See more here: manage dashboards.

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