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Account Dashboards

Account level dashboards are similar to custom dashboards. The main diference is that you can access all applications that belong to the current account.


Account dashboards are accessible through the common navigation of Telerik Platform.

Common Navigation

If you first visit this page an empty dashboard with title "Account Dashboard" is created as a default one.

If there are not created any applications yet you will get this message:

Default Dashboard

In the other case you will get this:

Empty Dashboard

You can use the dashboard menu to switch between the available dashboards or manage dashboards.

Dashboards Menu

Manage Dashboards

In this page you can create new dashboards. There is limitation of 15 dashboards per account. You can edit, delete dashboards or set which one is the default as well. The default dashboard cannot be deleted.

By clicking on the dashboard title which is a link you can go to this dashboard.

Manage Dashboards


Account dashboards contain the same set of widgets as the custom dashboards, but there are some slight diferences. As it can be seen on the screenshot of the Add Widget Dialog there is a combo box where you have to select an application from which data you want to visualize will be retrieved. Another diference is that the global filter will not be available here.

Add Widget

Here is an example of the widget where you can see the selected Application name and Period filter as subtitles.

Small Widget Sample

In the widget menu you can:

  • Change visualization type if there are more than one option.
  • Change period filter.
  • Change period granularity between day, week and month if it is applicable for the widget.
  • Rename widget.
  • Delete widget.

Widget Menu

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