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By tracking exceptions in your application you are able to get an insight to the various errors that surface for your end users, understand the frequency of these exceptions in your software and start addressing the issues as you improve your software.

As you integrate tracking of exceptions into your application you will likely start to see unknown or unexpected exception occurring for your end users that you did not account for in your development process. Having such information available, along with details of when and how they happened, are critical to improve the quality of your software. The Exception report allows you to gain an overview of your tracked exceptions and quickly and proactively address issues for your end users.

Understanding Exceptions

An exception is defined as an exceptional condition occurring in your software. The precise semantics of this varies between platforms but it can be practical to think of them as errors. When an exception occur in your software you can track the exception using the integrated analytics monitor and the Analytics Service will aggregate the exception into groups of similar exceptions. Each exception will be presented with some information about the number of occurrences of the specific exception and when and where the exception occurred first. See the screenshot below for an example of how tracked exception are shown:


You can see the list of exceptions that have occurred in the selected date range as well as information about the frequency. This list can be used to quickly determine if there are issues with your software that need to be addressed.

For more on how exceptions are grouped into similar items and how the exception can flow through a lifecycle, please refer to the section on understanding exceptions. For information on how to best integrate exceptions into your application to maximize the value of the data, please refer to the section on planning exception handling.

Interacting with Exceptions

You can interact with the listed exception by using the sorting and filtering mechanisms in the list and you can select a number of exceptions in the list and perform batch operations on the selected exceptions by clicking on the appropriate button:


If you want to understand more about a specific exception you can navigate to further details on the exception by clicking on the link or the Case Number on the lefthand side. This will lead you to an exception details report on the selected exception.

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