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Exception Details

Being able to access extended details on an exception occurring in your software in the field, including the ability to access details on individual occurrences of the exception provides great value in increasing the quality of your software and easing the burden of troubleshooting issues.

By accessing the details of a specific exception you will be able to get a quick insight into the type and stacktrace of the exception. On the right hand side you'll be able to view details on the exception including:

  • The current Status of the exception in the exception lifecycle
  • The number of times the exception has occurred in total in your software
  • The number of affected end users
  • The number of different versions of your software where the exception has been reported
  • The first and last occurrence of the exception
  • The number of other exceptions that have the same type as this exception

All this can be seen in the example screenshot below:


Also note that the message and the stacktrace that accompany this exception is available for troubleshooting root causes.

At the top of the page you can see a number of action buttons that will vary with the current Status of the selected exception. Clicking on the action buttons will change the Status of the selected exception. For more on exception and the exception lifecycle, please refer to the section on understanding exceptions.

Annotating Exceptions

You can also add comments about the exception by clicking on the Comment button at the top. All comments are summarized in the Comments tab at the bottom which will help you retain information regarding this exception for other users viewing the exception.

Accessing Sample Exceptions

An exception may have occurred a number of times for different end users and you can access data on these individual occurrences by selecting the Samples tab at the bottom of the page. See the screenshot below for an example of a list of sample exceptions.


The sample list includes details on each exception occurrence, including the time it was received, the time registered on the client machine as well as environment details. Each sample may also include a message which can be accessed by click on the Message button on the right.

In order to dive deeper into details on the specific exception occurrence, you can use the link icon on the left hand side to navigate into full details of the session that reported this specific exception occurrence. Furthermore, you can click the Cookie link (or the *InstallationID link, if present) to search for all sessions from the user that reported this exception.

Being able to dig further into the details of an exception is an excellent tool for enabling faster and more efficient troubleshooting, since the full context of the exceptions as well as the surrounding session information is available for inspection.

See Also

Make sure you are comfortable with how exceptions are working to better understand the exception life cycle and how exceptions are grouped by similarity. Also make sure you check out the section on planning exception handling in your application to maximize the value of your exception tracking.

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