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This article explains how to use the ActionButton of RadTextBox.


The ActionButton is of type TextBoxActionButton, which extends the RadImageButton and provides additional states that allow it to have a different appearance depending on the value of the ClearButton's Visibility property.

The ActionButton can be used for any action that can be considered appropriate for the text box, for example for searching. When the button is tapped the ActionButtonTap event is fired and the necessary logic can be implemented in an EventHandler. ActionButtonCommand is also executed with ActionButtonCommandParameter, so the other way for the ActionButton logic is to place it in a command.

Sometimes it might be useful to execute the command, when the enter key is pressed. For example, for a chat application. This is why, we exposed the ExecuteActionOnReturn property. It has a default value false. But if it is changed to true, the ActionButtonCommand will be executed even without touching the ActionButton but simply by pressing enter.


By default the ActionButton is not visible, but it can be displayed with the ActionButtonVisibility property.


The style of the ActionButton can be changed with the ActionButtonStyle property. Here is an example of changing the shape of the ActionButton to Ellipse:

<telerikPrimitives:RadTextBox ActionButtonVisibility="Visible">
        <Style TargetType="telerikPrimitives:RadImageButton">
            <Setter Property="ButtonShape" Value="Ellipse"/>

And here is the result:

Text Box-Features-Action Button-01