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RadCartesianChart Class Properties
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Telerik.Windows.Controls Namespace : RadCartesianChart Class

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Public Properties

Public PropertyActualHeight (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyActualWidth (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyBackground (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyBehaviors Gets a collection of chart behaviors. For example a ChartToolTipBehavior can be added to this collection which will enable tooltips on certain gestures. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyBorderBrush (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyBorderThickness (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyCacheMode (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyClip (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyClipToBounds Determines whether the chart content will be clipped to the control's bounds. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyCurrentVisualState Gets the current visual state of the control. (Inherited from Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.RadControl)
Public PropertyCursor (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyDataContext (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyDesiredSize (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyDispatcher (Inherited from System.Windows.DependencyObject)
Public PropertyFontFamily (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyFontSize (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyFontStretch (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyFontStyle (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyFontWeight (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyForeground (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyGrid Gets or sets the CartesianChartGrid used to decorate the chart plot area with major/minor grid and strip lines.  
Public PropertyHeight (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyHorizontalAlignment (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyHorizontalAxis Gets or sets the visual Axis instance that will be used to plot points along the horizontal (X) axis.  
Public PropertyHorizontalContentAlignment (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyIsEnabled (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyIsFocused Determines whether the control is currently Focused (has the keyboard input). (Inherited from Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.RadControl)
Public PropertyIsHitTestVisible (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyIsLoaded Determines whether the control is currently loaded. (Inherited from Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.RadControl)
Public PropertyIsTabStop (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyIsTemplateApplied Determines whether the ApplyTemplate method has been called for this instance. (Inherited from Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.RadControl)
Public PropertyLanguage (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyMargin (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyMaxHeight (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyMaxWidth (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyMaxZoom Gets or sets the maximum allowed zoom for this instance. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyMinHeight (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyMinWidth (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyName (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyOpacity (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyOpacityMask (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyPadding (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyPalette Gets or sets the ChartPalette instance that defines the appearance of the chart. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyPanOffset Gets or sets the origin used to calculate the arrange box of the chart area. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyParent (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyPlotAreaClipOverridden.  Gets the plot area in view coordinates - that is without the zoom factor applied.  
Public PropertyProjection (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyRenderSize (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyRenderTransform (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyRenderTransformOrigin (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyResources (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertySeries Gets the collection containing all the series presented by this instance.  
Public PropertyStyle (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyTabIndex (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyTabNavigation (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyTag (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyTemplate (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyTooltipTemplate Gets or sets the DataTemplate that defines the appearance of the tooltip displayed by a ChartTooltipBehavior instance. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyTrackBallInfoStyle Gets or sets the Style that defines the appearance of the TrackInfo control displayed by a ChartTrackBallBehavior instance. The style should target the TrackBallInfoControl type. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyTrackBallLineStyle Gets or sets the Style that defines the appearance of the line displayed by a ChartTrackBallBehavior instance. The style should target the Polyline type. (Inherited from RadChart)
Public PropertyTriggers (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyUseLayoutRounding (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyVerticalAlignment (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyVerticalAxis Gets or sets the visual Axis instance that will be used to plot points along the vertical (Y) axis.  
Public PropertyVerticalContentAlignment (Inherited from System.Windows.Controls.Control)
Public PropertyVisibility (Inherited from System.Windows.UIElement)
Public PropertyWidth (Inherited from System.Windows.FrameworkElement)
Public PropertyZoom Gets or sets the current zoom (scale) of the chart. (Inherited from RadChart)

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