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Provides a way to choose a DataTemplate based on the data object and the data-bound element.

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Controls
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Core (in Telerik.Windows.Core.dll) Version: 2013.1.422.2040 (2013.1.0422.2040)


public class DataTemplateSelector : DependencyObject
Visual Basic
Public Class DataTemplateSelector _
	Inherits DependencyObject
Visual C++
public ref class DataTemplateSelector : public DependencyObject


Typically, you create a DataTemplateSelector when you have more than one DataTemplate for the same type of objects and you want to supply your own logic to choose a DataTemplate to apply based on the properties of each data object.

To create a template selector, create a class that inherits from DataTemplateSelector and override the SelectTemplate method. Once your class is defined you can assign an instance of the class to the template selector property of your element.

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