Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

In order to use RadRateApplicationReminder in your application you have to reference the following assemblies in your project:

  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.dll
  • Telerik.Windows.Core.dll

RateApplicationReminder uses the static class ApplicationUsageHelper to get information about the application installation. So, in order to use the reminder, first you have to call the Init method of the ApplicationUsageHelper with the version of you application. This should be done in Application_Launching inside the App.xaml.cs file. The method OnApplicationActivated should be called in Application_Activated to ensure that the ApplicationUsageHelper will be initialized even after the application has been tombstoned. Here is an example:

private void Application_Launching(object sender, LaunchingEventArgs e)

private void Application_Activated(object sender, ActivatedEventArgs e)

After this you can declare a new RadRateApplicationReminder instance as any normal Silverlight control.

RadRateApplicationReminder radRateApplicationReminder = new RadRateApplicationReminder();

To display the reminder you have to call its Notify method. But before that at least one of these properties should be set:

  • RecurrencePerUsageCount - specifies the number of application runs on which the reminders will be displayed
  • RecurrencePerTimePeriod - specifies a time period on which the reminders will be displayed

For example, if the reminder has to be displayed each time the Notify method is called, the RecurrencePerUsageCount should be 1. If, on the other hand, the reminder should be displayed every day, no matter how many times the application is used, the RecurrencePerTimePeriod should be set to 1 day.