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This article explains the different properties of RadRateApplicationReminder


This property specifies how often the reminder should be displayed based on application usages. For example, if this property is set to 1, this means that each time the Notify method is called a reminder will be displayed. If the property is set to 10, then it will be displayed only once in 10 usages.


This property also specifies how often the reminder should be displayed. The difference is, that it doesn't matter how many are the usages, but how long the application has been used since the installation. For example, if this property is set to 1 day, the reminder will be displayed only once a day.


With this property the Reminder can be easily modified. Here is an example:

reminder.MessageBoxInfo = new MessageBoxInfoModel()
    Buttons = MessageBoxButtons.YesNo,
    Content = "Would you like to rate our app in the marketplace ?",
    SkipFurtherRemindersMessage = "Skip further reminders",
    Title = "Rate My App"

Here is a snapshot of the result:


Another way to display a custom message is by calling the method ShowReminderMessage and passing as a parameter a new MessageBoxInfoModel.


Setting this property to True will display a checkbox in the reminder that will allow users to skip further notifications.


Currently there is no way to be sure if the user has actually rated your application and this is why by default the reminder keeps displaying. If you would like to stop it, you can set this property to True. This will prevent the reminder from displaying after the user chooses yes, even if they didn't actually rate your application.