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Uniform Grid-Overview-01

Thank you for choosing RadUniformGrid!

RadUniformGrid is a layout panel that allows the ordering of items in rows and columns. You can easily specify the row and the column count of the panel, and its children will be ordered accordingly.

RadUniformGrid key features include:

  • Rows and Columns - allows you to specify the number of the rows and the columns in which the children of the RadUniformGrid control get ordered.
  • Children Flow - allows you to choose the direction in which the children get ordered - vertical or horizontal.
  • Space for Collapsed Children - allows to decide whether to allocate place the children which are collapsed in the grid or not.

In order to use RadUniformGrid for Windows Phone, the following references are required:

  •  Telerik.Windows.Core.dll
  •  Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.dll