Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

RadTimePicker allows for defining custom intervals for the values in the different time component selectors. For instance, a step of 2 hours can be defined so that the hours selector will display hour values that are multiples of 2 only.

Defining a custom Step for RadTimePicker

To define a custom time step for the selectable values in a time component selector in RadTimePicker you set the Step property with a DateTime value that has its Time components initialized with the values of the steps for each component. For instance, if we want to define a step for the hours equal to 2 hours and a step for the minutes equal to 10 minutes, we do the following in XAML:

<telerikInput:RadTimePicker x:Name="radTimePicker" Step="2:10:00"/>

Here is a snapshot of how the control will look like in this case:

radtimepicker-features-timestep 1