Telerik UI for Windows Phone by Progress

The RadTimePicker control supports null value, i.e. you can set its Value property to null. In this case the control will be in a state in which no value is selected and the value of the EmptyContent property will be displayed in the visible part of the control instead. By default, the EmptyContent property holds a string 'Select time'. Here is an example of the scenario:

this.radDatePicker.Value = null;

Here is how the control looks like when its Value property is set to null:

Time Picker-Null Values-01

Defining custom Empty Content Template

RadTimePicker allows for defining a custom data template for the content displayed when there is no selected value in the control. To set a custom template you should use the EmptyContentTemplate property. The following XAML code snippet demonstrates this functionality:

<telerikInput:RadTimePicker x:Name="radTimePicker" VerticalAlignment="Top">
<ColumnDefinition Width="Auto" />
<ColumnDefinition />
<Image Stretch="None" Source="TimePickerEmptyContent.png" Grid.Column="0" />
<TextBlock Text="Select time" Grid.Column="1" Margin="10, 0, 0, 0" />

This is how the control looks like in this case:

Time Picker-Null Values-02